Family-friendly and versatile - on a slope!

The main challenge was to maximise the space of the garden and allow room for entertaining. The clients wanted the garden to be low maintenance and to be cost effective to build.


This steep garden was quite a challenge that Woodhouse Landscape overcame successfully. It has been turned into a family-friendly garden with opportunities for everyone to enjoy. Each area of the garden has been designed to be versatile. There is for instance a grass area to kick a ball, sunbathe or simply to enjoy the view to the house. The area for trampoline can be turned into a seating area when removed.

The garden has been designed in a modern style, but with traditional material to complement the house. The planting is evergreen and low maintenance; ideal to give structure and suitable for an active family. We planted clipped lollipop bay trees and box cones to create vertical accents in the garden. The cedar wood hot tub close to the house is an amazing place to calm down and relax after a long day.